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 “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme is a strategic document which will act as a framework for absorption of funds, co-financed jointly by the European Social Fund of the EU and the national budget during the programming period 2007 – 2013 and will cover the territory of the whole country under the “Convergence” objective.
It is a constituent part of the National Strategic Reference Framework and contributes to one of its main objectives to “develop human capital in order to ensure higher employment, income and social inclusion”.
The strategic objective of the HRD OP is to improve the quality of life of people in Bulgaria through enhancement of the human capital, achievement of high employment levels, improvement of the productivity, access to high-quality education and lifelong learning and strengthening the social inclusion.
In the course of implementation of the HRD OP will be pursued the following specific objectives:

 - Increasing the labour supply and the quality of the labour force;
 - More intensive investment in the human capital through better and more accessible education;
 - More social capital, partnerships and networks and development of the social economy In order to attain the set up objectives it is envisaged that the Operational programme will focus on achievement of the following priority axes:
 - Priority axis 1: Promotion of economic activity and development of inclusive labour market;
 - Priority axis 2: Raising the productivity and adaptability of the employed persons;
 - Priority axis 3: Improving the quality of education and training in correspondence with the labour market needs for building a knowledge-based economy;
 - Priority axis 4: Improving the access to education and training;
 - Priority axis 5: Social inclusion and promotion of social economy;
 - Priority axis 6: Improving the effectiveness of labour market institutions and of social and healthcare services;
 - Priority axis 7: Transnational and interregional cooperation;
 - Priority axis 8: Technical assistance;
The implementation of the Operational Programme will contribute to the achievement of the main horizontal principles of the ESF support for the 2007-2013 period, and of the leading principles of the Community Strategic Guidelines for Cohesion and of the Community Initiative EQUAL – gender equality and non-discrimination based on gender, race, ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disabilities, age or sexual orientation; innovations, mainstreaming, partnership, transnational and interregional cooperation, sound programme and project management.

The HRD OP was approved by the European Commission on 3 October 2007.
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